Working Advantage

Working Advantage

Advantages of working a day job for a living, including having a sense of identity, social life and family benefits

In today's society we no longer work just to meet basic needs such as putting food on the table, we work to progress to higher needs. Whether we like it or not, working goes beyond survival, it fills our lives with a sense of purpose and accomplishment. Most working individuals pursue a career for such fulfillment and the working advantage to personal life, family life, and the overall economy.

Working Advantage To Personal Life

There are several obvious working advantages to an individual's personal life such as income and health benefits offered by most organizations. The truth however, is that many working advantages often go unnoticed. Most people tend to look over the significant impact work has on their personal well-being, a sense of identity, skill set, and even social life.

Personal Well-being

Working has a positive effect on an individual's personal well-being. It contributes to happiness by building confidence, and self-esteem. Although it is hard to believe, people who have jobs tend to be happier and healthier than those who do not work. Unemployment can negatively impact your health in various ways. People who are unemployed have higher rates of mental and physical health problems, take more medication, and have a shorter life expectancy than working individuals.

Sense Of Identity

"What do you do ?" is probably one of the first questions someone will ask you at a social event. For many people, a job title describes their interests, status, and intellectual capacity. A job can define various aspects of a person's life, and help them better understand themselves. It can also change how the individual is seen and who they identify with.

Skill Set And Experience

Working individuals are provided with tons of resources and tools that allow them to get the job done. When you have a job you are forced to learn new things and take on challenges everyday. Going to school can teach you many things, but only real work experiences are a working advantage that enables you grow as an individual and truly understand how to function in real world scenarios.

Social Life

Most people think that working completely sabotages any hope of a social life. This is in fact not true, career experts believe that you can have both a social life and a thriving career. Working allows you to meet new people rather than stay confined to one group of friends. Working forces you to interact with people of various personalities, backgrounds, and experiences. These interactions will improve social skills and foster new relationships and friendships.

Working Advantage To Family Life

For millions of people, family is the main motivation for going into work everyday. Research indicates that working can be extremely beneficial to family life. Working parents can provide their families with many advantages over non-working parents. Typically working advantage for families include independent children, a good standard of living, and family health benefits.

Independent Children

Teens and children with working parents also benefit from working advantage. They tend to become more independent, as they don't find their parents always home. Daily tasks such as doing homework, preparing uniforms, and packing school bags become the norm. These tasks make children more autonomous and responsible, and prepares them for the future.

Good Standard Of Living

A good standard of living often implies income, and steady employment. Families with working parents are likely to live comfortably with fewer financial insecurities. Families run smoothly without financial difficulty, and kids are able to benefit from a good income. A working advantage for parents is the means to invest in their children's future through education, sports, and other developmental activities.

Family Benefits

Benefits are of the utmost importance to working individuals who want to provide for their families. Healthcare is the most popular family benefit, as most organizations provide health insurance for the employee and their family. More and more companies are starting to take measures to promote a well-balanced work-family life. Many employee assistance programs have been added to benefits packages to help employees with family support such as relationship counseling, financial counseling and child care. Paid time off and flexible work schedules are also becoming increasingly popular as a method to ensure that employees are spending time with their families.

Working Advantage To The Economy

Unemployment has an immense economic cost to both the unemployed individual and to the society they live in. High unemployment rates can hurt families, neighborhoods, and communities. When members of a community are employed it not only increases productivity but also improves the economic and social quality of life. There are micro and macro working advantages to the economy. These advantages are extremely important in reinforcing social and economic benefits.

Microeconomic Working Advantage

Microeconomics focuses on single factors that affect individual decisions. Microeconomic working advantages include social multipliers that benefit individuals living within a community. Communities with high employment rates tend to have a lower existence of crimes, drugs, and family disruption and an increase in security, education, and environmental protection. Working increases financial security and promotes higher living standards, which in turn results in higher productivity.

Macroeconomic Working Advantage

Macroeconomics analyzes general economic factors on a larger scale. It focuses primarily on the performance of the economy as a whole rather than individually. Macroeconomic working advantages are associated with income growth which translates into increased spending. Working individuals stimulate economic activity by paying taxes, and spending money. Working also helps stimulate investments that will spur technical innovation. Finally, macroeconomic advantages of working result in the improvement of income distribution and equality throughout the economy.