EBG Entertainment Benefits Group Overview

Entertainment Benefits Group EBG Overview

What is Entertainment Benefits Group (EBG)? US based organization that provides entertainment offers to the general public

Entertainment Benefits Group Divisions (EBG Divisions)

Entertainment Benefits Group is a privately owned travel and entertainment company headed by Brett Reizen which is not associated with CorporateOffers.com, CorporatePerks.com, Groupon, Perkspot or Perk Nirvana, all of which are competing businesses.

Entertainment Benefits Group (EBG) entertainmentbenefits.com is headquartered in Miami, FL, but also has smaller offices in Orlando, New York, and Las Vegas. EBG has many divisions that include both corporate and retail discount programs. Its divisions consist of various ticket solutions and brands in the entertainment industry including:

  • Corporate Employee Benefit Programs and Employee Perk Programs
  • Consumer and Retail Brands
  • White Label Inventory Distribution Solutions
  • Member Engagement Solutions
EBG Brands: Plum Benefits, Tickets at Work, Working Advantage, Beneplace

Corporate Benefits Program/ Employee Perk Programs

EBG has both created and acquired many corporate benefit / employee perk programs, all now offering very similar content, but under different brand names. These brands include:

  • Plum Benefits
  • Tickets at Work
  • Working Advantage
  • Beneplace

Entertainment Benefits Group EBG administers corporate programs for travel and entertainment to various markets across the United States and it is these programs that enable clients to deliver employee discounts and special offers to various attractions and events. Entertainment Benefits Groups' corporate brands offer similar products, albeit with a slightly different looking interface. It is EBG’s plan to phase out the Plum Benefits, Working Advantage and Beneplace brands and just use Tickets at Work for all new clients going forward. Although these employee discount programs seem attractive at first, they often provide a redundant amount of discount offers, making it difficult to satisfy the needs of a niche market, where buyers are turned off by the lack of compelling offers, but just lots of them.

EBG Brands: Showtickets.com, Member Deals, Best of Vegas, Best of Orlando

EBG’s Consumer Brands

EBG's retail discount programs include:

  • ShowTickets.com - Offering discount Broadway show tickets in New York, Las Vegas and Orlando, often through its relationship with the Shubert Organization and Telecharge.com
  • MemberDeals.com - Provides offers to many of Florida's entertainment and travel brands, including Walt Disney World® Resort, Universal Orlando Resort, Cirque du Soleil and SeaWorld Parks
  • Best of Vegas - Offers competitive rates for Las Vegas shows, tours, nightclubs, as well as basic hotels all the way up to five star luxury hotels.
  • Best of Orlando - Cost-effective way to book Orlando hotel and vacation home accommodations, theme park tickets, show tickets, attractions, tours and other entertainment in the Orlando area.

These above divisions provide discount offers to different markets and geographic locations in the top 5 US cities including: New York, Orlando, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, and San Francisco.

White Label and Inventory Distribution

EBG has white labelled many of its services which allows for a co-brand at large-scale corporate partners that includes Walmart, Sam’s Club, IBM, AAA, Travelzoo. Microsoft and GovX. The corporate partner can offer their own service offerings alongside those of EBG in the same interface located on the EBG servers or using API’s to draw the relevant data..

Management and Artist Development 'EBG Presents'

It is no secret that EBG has been bitten by the Hollywood bug and they have created a new division to help develop and manage artists and corporate productions entitled ‘EBG Presents’. The division has a full-service production facility and is fully equipped to perform concept development through to delivery and performance for corporate clients. The service is also popular with artists and fans, but it is large corporations with deep pockets that are its most natural fit. ‘EBG Presents’ has worked on a variety of events and productions within the corporate sphere that have ranged from music residency programs to cultural vacation packages. As no two events are too much alike, a great deal of customization for each event must take place for the event to be dynamic and engaging.

Legal Troubles

EBG had previously partnered with NewYork.com in 2012 to sell tickets. The business relationship ran afoul in 2015 and EBG lost a major lawsuit with NewYork.com in 2016 over control and direction of the operation. EBG and Reizen then launched a competing brand, showtickets.com, to directly compete with NewYork.com in the same NYC market.

In September 2019, EBG agreed to pay $925,000 and provide certain injunctive relief to settle allegations that the company violated Title VII when it failed to investigate and remediate allegations of third-party sexual harassment. It also violated the ADA by failing to provide accommodations or engage in the interactive process with employees with disabilities. The settlement resolves the two separate lawsuits that were brought against them. A federal agency also charged EBG with retaliation against employees who requested accommodations, were associated with someone with a disability, or who complained about harassment.

EBG Offices Across The United States:

EBG operates five offices across the United States:

  • Miami, FL
  • Orlando, FL
  • Las Vegas, NV
  • New York City, NY
  • Glastonbury, CT

Main Corporate Office in Miami, FL

The main corporate Miami, Florida EBG office is actually located North of Miami in the small town of Aventura at 19495 Biscayne Boulevard, Suite 300, Aventura, FL 33180. The office is a 'Class A' trophy office building with expansive city and ocean views, and is just a few minutes from Interstate 95. It is within walking distance of the Aventura Mall and the building has over 2000 garage parking spots available. All EBG corporate staff are now based in this office and this includes the President and CEO, Brett Reizen.

Orlando, FL Office

Given the cozy nature of the relationship with Disney and other Orlando attractions, EBG has an office in Orlando at 5551 Vanguard Street Orlando, FL 32819, right at International Drive which can provide tickets to the tourists and contracts to the local attractions.

Las Vegas, NV Office

In the city that only ever sleeps when the jackpot machines need refilling, EBG has an office located at 1421 E Sunset Rd #4, Las Vegas, NV 89119, which overlooks the tarmac at the McCarran International Airport. This small office caters to all the local attractions and tourists.

New York City, NY Office

Although EBG does have an office located at 520 8th Avenue 11th Floor, New York, NY 10018, the space is really just a shared space with their partner, The Shubert Organization and their subsidiary Broadway Inbound. The Shubert Organization is one part of the duopoly that currently occupies half of the Broadway ticketing model.

Brett Reizen, President of EBG

Brett Reizen is the president and CEO of EBG, which is a travel and entertainment provider. In 2017 Reizen paid $7 million for a waterfront home in the Bay Harbor Islands, which is a small island town of 5000 people located in Miami-Dade County in Florida. This elitist community is located close to Miami and is popular with many rich and famous businessmen and celebrities that choose to reside there. Married to Maria Celia Reizen, Brett Reizen co-founded his company in 1998, Entertainment Benefits Group, which handles ticketing sales for events, attractions and hotel rooms across the United States.