Important Considerations When Becoming An Offer Provider

Corporate Offers is one of the nation's leading benefits and employee perks providers. The service reaches over 18 million employees at over 25,000 corporations and organizations across the United States. The employee discount service delivers hundreds of entertainment offers to millions of employees every day and is actively used and promoted by all the member organizations.

Below is a list of details and other important considerations to consider before becoming an offer or vendor partner with Corporate Offers.

How To Get An Offer Onto Our Service


Determine an offer that you would like to bring to our client list. Identify the valid price levels for both retail sales and for this special offer . We support multiple price categories for the various types of offers available. Consider limits to quantities being sold and dynamic pricing


Negotiate the commission that we will get to bring the offer to our employee client list. This dependant on the retail price, the offer price, length of offer and viability indicators


Determine which organizations or which types of organizations that you want to be able to see the offer. Many vendors choose all clients, knowing that the offer is protected at all times and they intend to maximize the exposure on our service.


Provide appropriate marketing assets and create appropriate messaging to best showcase your product or service


Receive regular sales reporting and manage sales and inventory.


We can handle the sales transactions for you, or you can choose to have the client conduct the sale at your web site or even a third party web site. We can provide a secure and seamless fulfillment process for both scenarios that can be customized to suit your needs.

How Does The Program Work

Corporate Offers delivers exclusive discount offers to corporations and organizations through a strict approval process that ensures that only approved employees and companies can access. The program supports live events, entertainment and travel offers with marketing outreach to the employees at work provided bt the various Hr departments at each of the member organizations. The program delivers optimal employee perk programs to a vast network of companies that range from mid-size employers of 100 or less to large fortune 500 corporations that employ over 25,000 employees.

Why Work With Corporate Offers?

Companies that have a product or service that they would like to offer in a protected employees-only environment, find that the service can provide them with a siginificant number of new sales without affecting their retail market sales and retail marketing sales strategy. The controlled offers help limit public discounting offers that are often seen in the daily-deal websites, that cause brand damage. Corporate Offers can complement existing sales strategies and deliver incremental ROI at very little risk to existing sales mechanisms.

Want To Learn More?

We would be happy to discuss bringing your product or service to our corporate client list

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