Meet the Team That
Makes It Happen.

Corporate Offers is the leading provider of employee discount and perk programs featuring special offers and corporate perks for employees working for large corporations, mid-size businesses and approved institutions.

Our Management Team

President and CEO

Noel Turner

Listening and responding to the needs of HR directors from large corporations is my top priority. Providing them with solutions that work for them and their employees is a close-second priority. My team develops strategies that lead our clients to greater success in the area of new-media marketing. We continue to mold a dynamic and motivated team that can turn our hand to anything "web" to help both our Broadway Show and our TV Show clients in New York City. We go far beyond the call of duty for our clients. For Broadway, we improve brand awareness and increase ticket sales. For TV shows, we bring better audiences and higher ratings. Our clients have included Cirque Du Soleil, Legally Blonde, Mamma Mia, Grease, Gypsy, Phantom of the Opera, Spring Awakening and Rock of Ages.

Favorite Car: Reliant Scimitar in British Racing Green

Noel Turner Corporate Offers
Vice President

Jennifer Chen

Jennifer "Jen" Chen grew up in Santa Fe, New Mexico, where she nursed a dream of one day becoming a Broadway star. After making her father happy and earning a Law Degree and passing the bar at age 24, she packed her bags for the Big Apple, but to her surprise she re-discovered her true calling in the world of Broadway.. In 2002, Jen joined the family, where she discovered she could finally have an outlet for her two greatest passions: Broadway and the Law! Although she doesn't perform much anymore, Jen does love to get up and sing a few show tunes for her coworkers at the annual employee Christmas party, clients not allowed as it gets quite rowdy!

Favorite Broadway Show: The original Wicked, starring the amazing Kristin Chenoweth and Idina Menzel (or even Adele Dazim)

Jennifer Chen Corporate Offers
Customer Service Manager

Pawdesh Salawi

She will be the first to admit that it sounds corny, but Pawdesh just loves to help people. It could be the old lady across the street or even the bumble-bee out of the window. Obviously customer service is a perfect fit for her. Pawdesh has mostly been an employee in high-end-brand retail establishments, doing everything from ringing up clothes to selling custom light fixtures. She much prefers working at, where she gets to help customers find an awesome Broadway show at a price that won't leave them broke. Pawdesh is currently studying jewelry design at the Fashion Institute of Technology, and in her free time (free time? what free time?) she likes to go to museums and hang out with her friends.

In high School, Pawdesh was voted most likely to marry rich and divorce young.

Pawdesh Salawi Corporate Offers
Director Sales and Marketing

Carly White

Sales is the last thing in the world that Carly ever thought she'd be doing, but here she is! A shy girl from Toronto (go Leafs!), Carly was all set to pursue a career in Finance until she took a part-time telemarketing job while in college and realized that she was actually pretty good at it. Next thing she knew, Carly was doing sales for the promising internet start-up ("A pile of logs delivered right to your door in one hour, no more!"), which sadly went under due to some some feasibility issues and ultimately failed in the bust of 2001. Carly found a new home with us as a top performing employee at the firm where she gets to indulge her love of all things NYC.

Favorite saying live by: "The enlightened are free from doubt, the virtuous from anxiety, and the brave from fear."

Carly White Corporate Offers
Sales Executive

Sangrit Malay

The movie Coming To America was not unlike Sangrit's experience of emigrating to this great country of ours. Although he describes Queens of the late 1980's in a far less positive light than Eddie Murphy ever did. Sangrit not enjoys working for, but he also uses his own advice on what to do for fun in New York City. His wife likes to use the discount codes to get cheap Broadway show tickets, but his favorite are the TV show tapings. Sangrit was trained in Business Administration at the University of Indonesia in Jakarta, but he truly loves the challenge of sales. His other interests include technology, architecture, music, philosophy, and sports. He's been trying to organize a company cricket team, but so far no luck! "Googly" anybody?

Favorite TV Talk Show: All of Conan O'Brien Talk Shows

Sangrit Malay Corporate Offers
Sales Manager

Rebecca Evanson

Fresh out of The University of Texas, I moved to New York City for better employment opportunities. I am a contemporary dancer who dreams to perform on Broadway one day. My interest in theater is how I found my current job, and now I love it and enjoy working with Broadway agencies. As a Sales Manager I specialize in new product development, branding and communications. I also help bring in consumer insight & marketing analytics.I am a highly competitive and driven employee who gets satisfaction in overcoming difficult tasks.

Favorite Animal : French Bulldog

Rebecca Evanson
Marketing Manager

Trey Martins

Currently one of the Marketing Representatives at Corporate Offers and previously worked for Starbucks as a Marketing Manager. Graduated from NYU Stern and earned a Bachelor's Degree of Science in Marketing in 2010

Favorite baseball team : New York Mets

Trey Martins
Human Resources Specialist

Alexa Visotti

An accomplished HR professional with more than five years of B2B and consumer experience, ranging from project management to strategic planning. Currently one of the Human Resource Representatives at Corporate Offer, I am responsible for recruiting staff and facilitating a supportive work environment.My commitment to the employees of Corporate Offers makes me a vital individual of the executive team. I earned a Bachelor's of Arts and Science Degree in Political Science, and Economics from the University of Michigan.

My favorite Broadway show : Mamma Mia!

Human Resources Manager

Jasmin Estella

A Human Resource Representatives with over 10 years of Employee Service Management experience. I have a variety of conceptual and interpersonal skills that contribute to the growth of my employer's business daily. I am currently responsible for managing employees vacation and sick leave, leading administration appraisals, guiding workers, and the preparation of the offices for new hires, transfers and interns.

Favorite actor : Daniel Radcliffe.

Jasmin Estella

Our Creative Team

Director Of Operations

Michael Tubbs

Since he got his first Commodore 64 as a young man, Michael has been obsessed with computers. If you ask nicely, he'll even show you his prized collection of Macintosh Classic software and Windows 3.1 manuals! When most teenagers were making money working as an employee at local fast food joints. Mike was running his own web site design business. He skipped college and learned advanced HTML and PHP programming on his own, going on to cofound a software company with his financial guru uncle Henry. After their business was acquired in '03, Michael jumped aboard the train. Next stop: World Wide Web domination!

Favorite Celebrity: Ashton Kutcher

Micheal Tubbs Corporate Offers
Senior Editor

Jennifer R Jones

The buck stops with JR, who is a long-time stand-up employee in the team. Every footnote and news source is guaranteed to be accurate when JR is on the job. Two thousand word pieces are no problem for JR to consume in a blink of an eye. JR who even goes by the acronym "JR "to save on time during editing and insisted that this bio be cut short for brevity to save paper and ink. The end.

JJ's Daily Mantra: "Keep blasting through it all"

Jennifer R Jones Corporate Offers
Head Writer

Christina Morningside

Christina is not only the longest serving employee in the company, but has been the backbone of the organization since beginning her tenure here in 2010. She has not only been part of the many team changes and idealogy direction corrections, but she has been a fundamental part of our future by bringing in many junior writers that have gone on to be great writers in their own right. She is the mom that every writer needs and wants when they are making promises that they know they cannot keep. She is the nurse, when people get hurt and she is the angel when we need a miracle.. Christina is an asset that we could never replace and we value her accordingly.

Her best one-line ever: "Keep what you kill", written a long time before the Necromongers took it for their own.

Christina Morningside
Creative Lead

Barbara Crechic

Barbara has a lot of professional talents, but her flair for fun keeps both the office and the employee social club alive with great ideas about where our next trip is likely to be. Barbara has been asked to not run up the company credit bill like she did for the last company Christmas party held at Cipriani on 42nd Street, but she is not showing any signs of slowing down with running up the tab! She is not only a great worker who is willing to lend a hand, but someone you can count on when, at 5PM, the client decides they want to change direction in the promotion of specific show or attraction. Barbara is the employee that gives her all and then some and we value every day of the work week. We love you Barbara, we don't want you to ever leave us!

Barbara's Favorite Place in NYC: Mushroom Burger from Shake Shack on Eighth Avenue, if you can bear the infernal line, we only have an hour for lunch!

Barbara Crechic Corporate Offers