Delivering Employee Perks Just Got Easier for HR is a leading provider of employee discount and perk programs, featuring rewards and special discount offers to employees at Fortune 500 companies, mid size businesses and other approved institutions across the United States.

HR professionals at top companies are able to deliver a comprehensive and customized employee benefit and perk program package, at no cost to themselves.

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Types of Offers from Corporate Offers

Corporate employees work very hard and they deserve the best discount offers that they can get through their job.

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Learn how to get your employees excited with their exclusive employee discount service. What is the point of offering an employee benefit service if employees do not use it?


Marketing Materials For HR Professionals

Materials and digital assets for human resource professionals and benefit managers at member corporations to help promote the Corporate Offers service


Example Email For Newly Approved Organizations

You may use this email template to send to your internal employees when you have been approved for access to Corporate Offers to promote the service and all the discount employee offers they now have access to.

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Learn to use Corporate Offers and Take Advantage of the Best Deals

The website and discount service is simple and easy to use. It can be accessed remotely (away from the office) and on a mobile device from any ware in the world. Learn how to use the Corporate Offers website.

Frequently Asked Questions From HR Professionals

Most Frequently Asked Questions About Corporate Offers (FAQ)

The most commonly asked questions about the Corporate Offers employee discount service and it's corresponding website. Questions include: How does the service work? and What are employee discount programs?

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Corporate Offers is an employee benefit service that currently provides exclusive employee benefits to people at over 25,000 different corporations. Read all about us and our mission statement.