How To Promote This Service To Your Employees

Just signing your company up with this corporate discount program may not be enough to make it a wholly successful program.

In order for employees to understand the service and want to use it themselves, they need to be informed about what Corporate Offers is, and how they can use the site to take advantage of their exclusively offered corporate discounts.

If employees do not know about the service or even how to use the site, then they are missing out on an opportunity to use an exclusive perk and it is a missed opportunity for everyone involved.

Below is a list covering many different ways benefit coordinators and human resource representatives can promote the Corporate Offers discount service to their company’s employees.

List of Ways to Promote a Benefit Service to Employees

Engage the Employees with the Discount Offers

The best way to promote this service to your employees is to actually show them how good the deals we offer are. If the employees can see our deals, compared to the regular retail prices, they will immediately understand what this service is all about and use it regularly. Using words like “Next time you are finalizing your next big purchase, check to see if Corporate Offers has a deal for it ” can help reinforce how and when employees should be using this exclusive company discount program.

New Employee Orientation

During a new employee’s orientation week, they are shown all the necessary procedures and documents that will allow them to function in their new role. They are also shown around the office, trained on how to use the company’s proprietary software, taught how to set up their 401k, how to use the human resource department and various other office and role related tasks. New employees should also be shown the exclusive discount benefit service from Corporate Offers and how to use the service. The new employees should be made familiar with Corporate Offers and the discount service they provide by the time they finish their first week in orientation. Information about the service should also be provided in the packet or folder that is given to all new company employees when they start.

Promote the Monthly Email

Corporate Offers sends out an update email every month to all users that lists all the new offers that are now available on the service. Benefit coordinators can directly email their employees about their benefits and can include links to this service. They can also remind them to check out the website to see what other new offers are coming their way. Benefit coordinators should already be in regular contact with their employees, so promoting this service’s deals should be an easy addition to existing email messages. Reinforcing our marketing efforts by promoting existing emails or reminding employees about Corporate Offers, makes benefit coordinators look good because they are boosting their own benefit packages that they signed the company up for. Promoting through email also helps to keep our exclusive discount offer emails out of employee’s spam folders and directed just at the employees and their families.

Host Employee Benefit Fairs

Another great way to promote the free service is to run and host an employee benefit fair and provide Corporate Offers with a booth to present their latest offers. A benefit fair offers employees some time away from their normal day-to-day grind and a place to engage and learn all about the perks of working at their organization. The fair gives people an opportunity to ask any questions of vendors, without the normal delays of waiting for an email reply. It also gives vendors a chance to engage with the employees and provides a pleasant location to meet customers face-to-face. At an employee benefit fair all parties walk away better informed.

Sponsor Holiday Parties and Other Special Events with this Service

Benefit coordinators can also ask vendors to come and present their services and exclusive offers at a holiday party or another special event held at the office. Allowing employees to meet the Corporate Offers team in real life, gives a heightened sense of trust and connection between the organization and its employees. When employees meet Corporate Offers face-to-face they are more likely to check out and use the discount service that is provided to them.

Online Presentation

Benefit managers should invite vendors to present their exclusive offers to employees. The presentation should cover how to use their websites with an online video presentation similar to a virtual employee benefit fair. Benefit providers can use Zoom, Web ex, Skype, Google Hangouts or any other video chat platform to effectively present their benefit packages. In this day and age many business meetings are now held online and it may be more comfortable for employees, especially ones who work remotely, to use theis method. One advantage of presenting in an online video chat is that presenters can share their screen and show the employees how to use the service step by step. Online seminars, that can host an unlimited number of people, do not require reserving a large conference space and are typically much easier for benefit coordinators to set up and run.

Encourage Employees to Give Feedback About What Discounts They Want to Receive

Get employees to reach out to and tell Corporate Offers about what discounts they would like to see on the site and what changes would be valuable for them. There is a good chance that an employee's favorite product or service is willing to offer an exclusive discount through this website if they know that people will utilize it. Benefit coordinators should already know what kind of discounts their employees want to have, but if they do not know, they should ask their employees about what they would like to see. Once benefit coordinators know what their employees want, they can relay that information back to Corporate Offers or have their employees reach out directly. Coordinators can also have employees report what discounts they used the most or what offers they really do not like on the site. Any and all feedback is encouraged, as communication with customers is the key to making the best possible benefit service.