Sample Email To Promote An Employee Benefit Fair

Sample Email To Promote An Employee Benefit Fair

Example of a promotional email from a fake benefit coordinator to their organization's employees regarding an upcoming employee benefit fair

Below is a sample employee benefit fair promotion email that takes into account all of the information from previous articles. All text, data and images are copyright © 2020 To use the sample email, sentences must be rearranged and names, dates locations, etc also must be replaced to make it original work.

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Sample Employee Benefit Fair Promotional Email:

To: CEO Caesar

CC: Company Management
All Employees

Subject: Save The Date For Our Annual Employee Benefit Fair - Free Flu Shots and Door Prizes

Hello G-Corp employee,

On this coming Wednesday June 17th, 2021 from 10:00 am to 3:30 pm G-Corp we are hosting the annual employee benefit fair and it will be held in conference room 1, located to the left side of the main office lobby. The employee benefits department has been working hard on this one for the past four months now and this time around G-corp will have a record number of vendors attending. There will be 19 benefit vendor booths at the fair, providing information and details about their services. At the fair there will also be games and some live music to enjoy. Also a free lunch consisting of sandwich-wraps from ‘Luigi's’ will be provided, they are exclusive to only G-Corp employees and are on a first come, first serve basis. Miraculously and due to all of your hard work here, the G-Corp employee benefit fair budget has actually increased, and we decided to use it to offer a new large-prize raffle. The raffle will only be offered to employees who show up at the fair between
12 pm and 2 pm. Come by between those hours to find out what the prize is and to enter yourself into the raffle (you will not be disappointed).

The company’s favorite massage benefit vendor ‘Axis Relaxis’ is back again and they are bringing five of their best masseuses, offering free 15 minute chair massages for any G-Corp employee (and yes, Mike with the “Magic Hands” has been requested to come back again).

There will also be free flu shots administered by ‘Renew Flu’ to all G-Corp employees who show up to the benefit fair with their work ID. The Employee Benefits Department are encouraging all employees to come and get the latest flu shot, because doctors around the world have recently upped their flu shot recommendation status to “highly recommended”. This is because of the rising fears of the Coronavirus outbreak that has continued to spread.

See you there or be square!

The G-Corp Employee’ Benefits Team