Standard Work Perks

Standard Perks At Work Offered By Large Corporations

List of the most common types of employee perks at work, including healthcare, retirement plans and maternity/paternity leave

Standard Benefits And Perks At Work Offered By Most Large Corporations

In today's hectic business world corporate employees spend most of their days at the office. Luckily, many corporations aim to make their hard-working employees as satisfied as possible by offering competitive benefits and perks at work. Employee perks have a huge impact on an organization's bottom line as they increase productivity, creativity, and lower overall employee turnover. The reality is that standard benefits packages offered by organizations today just aren't cutting it, which is why many firms have decided to liven up their benefit packages with appealing advantages and perks at work.


Aside from salary healthcare is of the utmost importance to working individuals .It is the foundation of any benefits package, as it is the preferred benefit among most employees. Health insurance usually includes medical, dental vision and life insurance coverage for the employees and their families.

Retirement Savings Plan

A retirement savings plan (401k) is a great way to drive employees to save money for retirement. Many firms offer to match contributions made to the employees retirement plan. For many employees, the best way to start saving towards retirement is through a 401k program provided by the employer.

Maternity/Paternity Leave

Employees who intend to start a family want to know that they can continue to pursue their careers and hitting their achievement goals while doing so. For that reason, many firms offer paid time off for new and expecting parents, for both men and women.

Paid Time Off

Personal time off (PTO) is highly valued by employees. Whether it is used for vacation, illness, or just some time alone employees feel that PTO reduces burnout and makes them feel valued and appreciated. Most companies offer a two week standard, while others offer three or more weeks. Most firms also grant nine paid holidays including Christmas, Thanksgiving, and Independence Day.

Professional Development

Employees want opportunities for professional development more than ever. Many employers will fund training and continued education to employees who want to master new skills and advance into other roles.

Employee Retention can be Improved by Offering Good Perks at Work

Employees are the most expensive and most valuable asset that any corporation can have. Keeping employees happy, with good perks at work, will keep businesses running smoothly and performing like a well oiled machine. Many organizations have incorporated comprehensive HR programs to reduce employee attrition and provide some basic perks at work that will let the employees know that they are acknowledged for their value in the workplace. These perks, that usually cost the organization very little in the grand scheme of things, increase overall employee satisfaction and will enhance the employee’s anticipated retention period. The perks at work often include health / wellness programs, employee discount programs, work from home benefits, commuter transportation, parking reimbursement and concierge services that take care of all kinds of employee chores like dry cleaning and childcare, allowing the employee to focus on work.

Wellness Programs

Whether it be through paid yoga classes or health screenings, wellness programs are perks at work that affect creativity, productivity and overall employee mental and physical health. Usually companies provide unique wellness programs that will cater to the needs of their employees. More and more companies are recognizing the role wellness plays among the workforce.

Employee Discount Programs

Employee discount programs are a perk at work that provides employees with a variety of products and services at a discounted rate. These programs lead to a high rate of employee engagement and overall satisfaction, which is why many corporations decide to implement them into their perks at work. To read more on employee discount programs click here.

Work From Home

As more working professionals seek a better work-life balance, more companies have shifted towards flexible policies that accommodate working from home. Employees love the benefits of being part of an established company while enjoying the advantages of working from the comfort of their homes.

Transportation And Parking Reimbursement

Employees who travel long distances, pay for parking and tolls, or endure public transportation appreciate a reimbursement from their employer. This perk at work will make the morning and evening commute a little less dreadful.