Non-Traditional Employee Benefits

Non-Traditional Employee Benefits

Non-traditional employee benefits that only a few companies offer their employees due to the high cost and logistical challenges

In the ever changing business world, many companies are forced to think out of the box to keep their employees motivated and happy while they are working for an organization, either in an office or remotely. New employees are attracted to organizations that provide progress employee benefits. Forward thinking companies have come up with new employee incentives to draw the best talent available from schools, colleges and competing organizations. Typically, companies have offered basic benefits to their employees such as: retirement savings plans, maternity / paternity leave and affordable healthcare plans. Top corporations are having to propose new and unique employee benefits above the basic set, to entice top-tier employees to come and work for them. Below is a list of employee benefits that only a few organizations offer that are non-traditional in the workplace but may become more standard fare over time.

List Of Non-Traditional Employee Benefits In The Workplace

Sleep Pods

Not a lot of companies offer sleep pods as a benefit to their employees because they initially see the benefit as counterproductive for the working environment, but the research is clear, when employees rest, they do better work afterwards and stay at work longer. Sleep pods are exactly what they sound like, a single celled space for a person to nap when they are tired, which is often straight after lunch. Although many traditional business executives feel that sleeping at work is actually a fireable offense, others see the value and it has become an attractive workplace benefit. Some employers believe that their employees should always be working and not be taking extended breaks while they are on the job, but psychologists believe that when employees are well rested at work, they will be able to produce better work in a shorter time span for the company. Most executives do agree that being well rested is important for employees, but they typically trust employees will rest on the employee’s own time and not on company time. Sleep pods are never usually implemented at hourly-paid positions because employees are paid for the work that they perform during their set hours, and are not on salary.

Companies that typically offer sleep pods are usually ones where employees are required to be more creative, such as architecture firms, large software companies, tech firms or advertising agencies. Sometimes companies who have employees working long hours will also offer sleep pods as a benefit to their employees to allow them to stay there all night. Some financial firms require first year analysts to often be at the office for 24 hours straight, especially during a pitch or proposal, so sleep pods are a great way to allow them to work in between naps. Construction companies or film production organizations are also examples of jobs where employees are expected to work 20+ hour days and may need beds to rest in during their breaks.

Bringing Pets To Work

Pets such as dogs and cats are comforting for many employees while they are at home, so some businesses understand this and want their employees to be comfortable at work as well. Having furry friends around the office can be a great way to lighten the mood, especially when times are tough for the business. Some business executives are against employees bringing pets to work because they can be seen as a distraction, but more and more modern companies are allowing their employees to bring their own pets to work.

Free Or Discount Company Products And Services

Sometimes employees who work for larger organizations that make popular products can get company merchandise at a great discount or even for no cost at all. Free products are often given away in the fast-fashion industry where ‘old’ clothing (from last month or last season) can no longer be sold in stores because it is out of style and it can be given to employees as a tax write off. Employees in the fashion business are often given company products for free, but they are asked to not resell them. In most companies, it is usually the case that employees are given free access to their companies products or services or, at least, a really big discount. Business executives offer this because they know that without the company's employees there would be no product, service or business at all.

Bring Your Kids To Work Day

One fun perk that some larger businesses take part in, is allowing employees to bring their kids into the office on certain predetermined dates. Having kids come in the office can greatly improve employee morale, by making them feel like they are part of a bigger corporate family. When bosses get a chance to meet their employee’s kids, it gives the employees, their kids and the bosses a sense of pride in what they do everyday and binds the talent pool together.

Inviting employee’s kids into work can also have good long term effects for the business. Kids will get a chance to see where their parents work and will get to experience some pre-planned fun games and activities that both entertain and educate. Kids may start to feel a sense of brand loyalty with their parent’s employer, and that sentiment could last a lifetime.