Benefits for Employees Working at Large Organizations

What are the Benefits for Employees Working at Large Organizations

There are extra benefits of being employed by a large organization even though the job titles may be similar to roles at smaller companies

Being employed by a large organization is the dream for many working class Americans as working for a large company can add a number of extra benefits for the employee and job security is often the very top advantage. Large companies often offer more and better company perks to their employees, than smaller companies can provide. This is due to the physical size of the organization and the greater amount of capital they have access to. All employers offer the standard set of benefit packages, which include health insurance, dental coverage, vision plans and retirement plans, but working for a large company has many other benefits as well. Large organizations have more people working for them, which is good for social and professional networking and they also have more money which can lead to more opportunities for their employees. Below is a list of extra employee benefits which come along with being employed at a large organization.

Benefits Employees Have While Working for Large Organizations:

Job Security

Large organizations have more resources to keep staff employed during lean times. It also takes a lot longer to get fired from a large organization due to the lengthy legal process. Poor employees can hide better in large organizations and will often be there for many years before getting terminated. Larger office environments engage in more office politics and less work as the structure rewards the politically active employee over the employee who is focused on the work itself. The larger the organization, the more prevalent are the office politics.

Work from Home

Allowing employees to work from their home is an important perk to most employees, especially employees with young children. Employees who know that they have the ability to work from home can help relieve unnecessary stress for them, during times when they are too sick to come to the office, a family member is ill or in the off-chance of a weather emergency. Employees who have the option to work remotely can also plan to get work done even when they are on a vacation. Smaller companies often do not provide mechanisms to work from home as they lack the infrastructure to make the process efficient.


Employees who have young children are looking for employers who would help them offset the cost of childcare or even provide childcare at the office. Many large organizations help their employees by contributing company dollars to the employee’s childcare costs and may provide some help by arranging for childcare at the office for a reasonable rate. This can be extremely beneficial to the employer as well because it keeps their employees minds at ease during the day and fosters family bonds and employee loyalty.


On-site gyms are usually only offered by large companies because they are the only ones who would have space for them. Having an on-site gym with a reduced membership price for employees can allow them to get their exercise in before work, after work or even during lunch time. Working out is a proven way to relieve stress and keeps those who do it regularly, healthy. Working out in a gym regularly can help improve sleep and stress, which may improve employee productivity, so having access to an on-site gym can benefit both employers and employees.

On Site Doctor

Some large office buildings hire a doctor, with an office and staff, to work right out of the building who can treat sick employees. Having a doctor on site is a bigger benefit than most employees realize because it means that when an employee is feeling ill they do not have to take time off from work to be treated. On site doctors work the same way as any other doctors, they can check up on the employee’s pre-existing health issues as well as prescribe them the medicine that they may need to recover. These doctors are almost certainly covered by the employer's health care package and are typically free to company employees. On site doctors are only offered by large organizations because they can be very costly to a business to run a practice like this.

Free Legal Services

Providing free legal services is one of the fastest growing perks that large organizations are offering to their employees. Legal benefits can provide employees with legal help and advice for more personal matters, such as helping fight traffic violations, family law issues, buying a home, writing a will and even with a divorce. Many large companies use out-of-house attorneys because having an in-house attorney could be a conflict of interest for the company and might also make some employees feel uncomfortable.

Work / Life Balance

A work / life balance is very important to an employee’s mental health, unfortunately it is hard to come by in many positions in smaller companies. Most employees have families, their own kids and parents who they have to care of when they get home. In many cases large organizations understand the difficult balance more than smaller companies, because there are more executives who are likely to be in a similar working and life circumstance to their own employees.

Increased Promotion Rate and Job satisfaction

At a large company there is more variety of employee positions and there is more room for promotions than at a smaller organization. With the greater number of jobs offered, there is more room for employees to move around the company and get promotions or receive pay increases. By having greater opportunities for promotion, employees may enjoy working at their jobs more because they will not feel stuck in their current positions and they can cross to other areas of interest in the business, where they may attain better job satisfaction.

Professional Development

Some large organizations offer financial packages for their employees who wish to continue their education. Large companies sometimes offer to pay for their employees courses while they are working for that organization. This is a benefit for both the company and the employee, because it keeps the employees up-to-date in their fields giving the company a chance to keep up with current trends and competitors. After employees complete their education, they may also qualify to be in a higher salary range.


Being able to connect and interact with professional individuals on a regular basis has been shown to lead to a greater level of success in people's career. Not only is it beneficial to network with a lot of people from a professional standpoint, it is also beneficial from a social standpoint. People who are able to interact with other people daily have also seen an increase in their overall happiness, and when an employee is happy they will feel more satisfied with their work and work environment. Also, with a lot of other people in the office, employees will feel like they are part of a larger community rather than a small workgroup.

Free Entertainment

Large corporations often host free after-work events with various live performances, musical entertainment or movies for their employees to enjoy. Big organizations offer these kinds of events to give back to their employees, which also increases the employee’s loyalty to the company. Employees can take advantage of these kinds of events and bring their families along.