What Kinds of Offers Does Corporate Offers Provide?

Corporate employees work very hard and they deserve the best discount offers that they can get through their job. Corporate Offers aims to produce benefit discounts to employees that will make working at their jobs a lot more enjoyable and fun. Our corporate benefits have been shown to keep employees highly motivated in their work environment, while keeping them relaxed, sharp and happier. The simple fact that employees have work perks, keeps the employees more content over the long run. Our employee benefit categories include discounts for: technology, wholesale and warehouse clubs, broadway shows, sports, attractions, health and wellness and travel.

Our Offers:


Corporate Offers provides deals to many of the top hardware and software tech companies. The discount technology specials that we offer can be valuable to employees and their families. The discounts are great for the stay-at-home employee who needs some extra office upgrades. Typically the discounts are given as a percentage off everything from an online tech store. In rare cases the discounts are to specific store items, such as computer mice, monitors, laptops, desktops, networking and wifi.

Wholesale and Warehouse Clubs

We have the top three U.S. based wholesale and warehouse clubs covered. The offers can vary with some opting to do a discounted membership and others preferring to give away a gift card with substantial value after a regular price is paid for membership. The wholesale clubs can often provide special in-store benefits not available for other members. The discounts are usually in the form of exclusive discount vouchers on specific product ranges.

Broadway Shows

Live Broadway shows are one of the oldest forms of entertainment in New York City and every year millions of people continue to come in from all over the world and pay top dollar to watch the best shows. Our Broadway tickets discounts can be quite significant, which really helps fans to enjoy their favorite Broadway shows with some extra peace of mind, as they did not have to spend a fortune on their Broadway tickets.

Many talented young musical stars dream of performing on Broadway, as it is the mecca for live musical performances. Broadway’s popularity can also make ticket prices expensive and our Broadway ticket discounts help reduce the financial cost of the seeing great Broadway shows. We typically do not get the opportunity to get offers for the top Broadway show, but sometimes it can happen and it never hurts to search through our selection.


We provide discounted sporting event ticket offers to corporate employees through our exclusive benefit service. Offers include tickets to home games of sports teams who play in the NBA, MLB, NHL and NFL. Our sports discounts also consist of personal sporting attractions, such as ski and snowboard lift tickets, tennis matches and much more.


We often have discounts to Disney World and a number of other big-name amusement parks. Just before the hot summer months is when our attraction offers begin to get better. However, many new indoor water parks and theme parks are always opening up and now people can go to many amusement parks year round. Our attractions section also includes discounts to hotels and other travel arrangements.

Health and Wellness

Our Health and Wellness deals cover a vast number of different products, but all circle back to the overall theme of keeping one's body healthy and in shape. This category is very important for employees because much of a person’s career success stems from both physical health and mental health. At-home exercise equipment fits into this category and includes treadmills, elliptical machines, bicycles and weight lifting sets. We also offer discounts to gym memberships, spas and resorts as well as other health and wellness services.


We offer travel discounts to our clients that are based on the idea that working people love to dream about lavish vacation getaways and we can make them happen. During a hard-working employee’s down time, many of them like to plan trips for them and their families to relax on golden beaches and in aqua blue oceans. We can make this happen and make it cost a great deal less. All active employees need time to get away and de-stress, so when they can come back to the office, they are ready-to-go and feeling refreshed. Travel offers include: Plane tickets, hotel stays, resort discounts, trip planning, car rental and much more.