Types Of Organizations that are Poor Partners for Corporate Offers

Some Organizations are just not a good fit for working with Corporate Offers. Some local services do not trade well at a national or regional approach. Some vertical products may not have an appeal that matches expectations from the corporate employees of large companies and institutions. Some do not work because the vendors themselves are somewhat flawed and may not understand the model that Corporate Offers uses.

Below is a list of various types of businesses and organizations that are poor partners for Corporate Offers.

Types of Organizations That Do Not Make Great Offer Partners

Health and Wellness Services

While many health and wellness services are well intended, they tend to not do well with the full-time corporate working person demographic. These companies come with the promises of better emotional well being for corporate employees through aromatherapy, vitamin pills, probiotics and chair massages. Many employees believe that they either do not need help from these companies, or think these wellness companies are selling something that will not help them in their work and home life.

Financial Services

Discount offers from financial service companies, such as mortgage organizations, banks, investment offers and personal financial advisors are typically rejected by Corporate Offers clients. They usually avoid these services for two reasons, they already have financial services sorted out at work or because they are constantly being pitched similar services by other organizations and they have become jaded by the offer that they could make millions from their typically low financial investment. The only time when financial services pique an interest on Corporate Offers is when the discount offer is cheaper and better than the service that the employee already has. Unfortunately, it is often the case that a discount financial service will result in the service being not profitable for the vendor and will cease, leaving the client high and dry.

Airline Tickets

Commercial air travel companies and airlines do not usually offer discounts on their plane tickets because they use the dynamic ticket pricing model that they have implemented as part of their overall business model. Plane tickets are never really discounted unless someone chooses to be part of a flight club where they receive ‘mile’ points for previous flights, which could be used towards a free flight in the future. While many corporate employees would like to be offered discount airline tickets, but it is unlikely they will ever be available. The airline’s price their flight’s tickets with a rolling price structure of dynamic ticket pricing, where the price increases as the flight date approaches and the available ticket inventory goes down.


High fashion companies offer their customers a creative way to express themselves through various different clothing options. Outward creative expression is usually not on the minds of full-time office employees and this is the main reason why fashion companies do not make good Corporate Offers partners. Simply put, employees do not care much about fashion, they are too busy working. Of course there are always exce[ptions to the rule, but the most successful business people are never known for their fashion sense. Clothing companies are also difficult to work with, because they often do not want to reduce the price of their product. Clothing companies want to keep their prices standard because it affects the overall status of the brand in the retail market. They have trouble understanding that Corporate Offers provides access to a previously untapped market. They worry that offering a big corporate discount on their clothing may make their brand seem cheap, which would hurt the company in the future retails sales, which underlines the fact that fashion is really more about perception than value.

Travel Agents and Specialty Travel Arrangements

Travel agents and discount specialty travel programs offer services to their customers who want to go on a vacation without having to plan out and deal with all of the details that are involved in planning a trip. These services include, travel agents, tour programs and car parking space solutions. These companies have previously tried to offer discounts to corporate employees in the past, but they have mostly been unsuccessful. Initially it seems that these services would make a great fit for corporate employees because many of them would love to go on a trip and they always say that they do not have time to deal with the details of planning one. In practice, employees do actually enjoy the process of planning their own trips and would usually prefer to save the money that the travel agent or tour service would charge them. Employees do enjoy getting discounts on individual aspects of their trips, like hotels, show tickets and amusement park tickets, but they are not ready to hire a travel planner.

Other Types of Businesses That Are a Poor Match For Us

  • Online Immigration Services
  • Electronic Healthcare Products
  • Bed and Mattress Businesses
  • Mortgage Refinancing
  • Online Tutoring Programs
  • Local-Only Services
  • CBD Products and Services
  • Medical Services
  • Fresh Produce
  • Vitamin and Herbal Products
  • School Tuition and Personal Tutors
  • Online Schools
  • Non-Accredited Colleges and Universities