Corporate Offers Media Kit

Corporate Offers provides a highly effective way to reach corporate employees of large organizations and institutions. These employees are notoriously difficult to reach through traditional mechanisms. Corporate Offers works directly with HR departments of large corporations to deliver this service.

Formed in January 2010, as an offshoot to New York Show Tickets, has grown into a corporate benefit powerhouse that provides corporations with an excellent free benefit service, This allows offer providers a secure mechanism to deliver their unique offers to a targeted market with no bleed over into other markets.

Corporate Reach:

  • client list includes over 25,000 large corporations
  • Over 1.2 million employees are currently active users and must log in at least once in 6 months to remain active
  • Corporations must have a minimum of 500 employees to be allowed access to the service.
  • Direct relationships with over 12,000 HR personnel in each of the member corporations.
  • Internal HR contacts promote the service to their own employees as a free employee benefit.
  • Geographical Split: New York Tri-State Area 29% (largest market), Other US Domestic 68%, International 3%

Corporate Client List Demographic Data:

  • Average Age: Women 41.4 Men 40.6
    (This skews slightly younger than average age of US working population of 42.3 years)
  • Average Income: $89K USD
  • Marital Status: 42.1% married, 49.2% single, Undefined 8.7%
    (Skews lower than national average at 48.2% married)
  • Gender Split: Women 53%, Men 43% Undefined 4%
  • Parents With Children Under 16: 19.4%
  • Average Theatrical Show Visits Per Year: 2.9 (women) 0.8 (men)
  • Average Paid Sports Event Attendance Per Year: 0.3 (women) 3.7 (men)
  • Average Theme Park Attendance Per Year: 0.3 (women) 0.3 (men)
  • Ex-Employees of an Approved Corporation That Use Service at a New Employer: 14%
  • Unemployed Ex-employees With Access to the Service: 0%
  • Retirees With Access to the Service: 0%

Offer Control and Leakage:

To allow vendors to be flexible with their offers, our system will only allow active corporate employees. that are approved by us, to access This means that there is no offer leakage that can damage a vendors brand and cause confusion in the retail sales marketplace.

Some corporate clients want their spouses and friends to have access to their offers, but the nature of the service is that it is exclusive. A targeted set of offers can only be utilized by the approved corporate employee. This means that there are no emails or PDFs being forwarded around, that actually contain an offer. Users must log in to see the offers. Emails to corporate clients can, however, contain details about an offer, but cannot be purchased from the email itself.

Monthly Email:

Once a month, all corporate clients are sent a summary email that lists all the offers currently available. This email is distributed to 1.2 million of our corporate clients. The email is often read by a higher number of people as the HR departments will circulate the email internally. We also select one offer to be featured as ‘Offer of the Month.’ This is the only email that is sent to the clients, as they don't want to be bombarded with offer pitches while they are at work. This monthly email does not contain offer codes, just a summary of offers and appropriate links to the web site, where they must log in to their corporate account.

  • Emails Sent per month: 1,200,000
  • Typical Open Rate within 30 days: 28%
  • Typical Click Through Rates: 43% (With seasonal variations)