Vendor Partner Offer Insertion Assets

Corporate Offers works with many different vendors and each of them have their own specific requests and expectations for the way their product or service is displayed and marketed. Corporate Offers has its own list of offer requirements and these help to ensure that an offer gets seen, clicked on and bought.

Below is the list of requirements that Corporate Offers needs from each one of the vendor partners:

- Organization name
- Pricing of the offer
- Brief description of the offer
- Detailed description about the offer
- Promotional image

Contract and Insertion Order:

To have your product or service added to the Corporate Offers web site, there is a short, one page contract to sign which we will send to you upon request. An insertion order can also be used. If we intend to share customer data, technical solutions or any other proprietary information, we will also need to sign a non disclosure agreement (NDA)

Specs for Artwork, Copy and Digital Assets:

Please provide the following deliverables and assets to fully engage your offer on

  • Offer Image/Logo: 838 x 554 pixels. Ratio of 1.512. This image will be displayed at 419 x 277 pixels, but this may change on users medium (EG: retina display etc.). Include the name / logo of the company. The image should not have a white background. The file format should be JPEG, GIF, PNG and we also accept TIFF or a photoshop file.
  • Single Transactional Link: (mobile and desktop can use the same link)
  • A Separate Discount Code: (if it is not already included in the link)
  • Offer Pricing: before and after the discount (if applicable)
  • Organization Name: 30 characters or less
    E.G: Microsoft Online Store
  • Offer Description: Between 35 and 55 characters. The offer overview is displayed underneath the organization name on all pages and typically includes the discounted price.
    E.G: Save 30% on Microsoft Surface Devices and Accessories
  • Offer Details: Between 300 and 500 characters. In depth version of copy/sales pitch, including more pricing and description about the items/service being offered
    E.G: Everything on the Microsoft online web store has been discounted 30% or more - for laptops, Microsoft Surface and other accessories. Use the code Microsoft30 at checkout to receive the full discount. There are some exclusions to this offer, which include items that are already priced at a significant discount.