What Does Corporate Offers Provide to Organizations?

Corporate Offers provides an exclusive discount program with various offers and other perks to employees who work for large corporations, mid-size businesses and other approved institutions. We are regularly communicating with many different vendors to secure unique and discounted offers that employees would not normally be able to get themselves. From the human resource perspective, our service helps to boost employee morale by connecting employees with top-quality entertainment and physical product offers.

Employee Discount Offers and Perk Programs

Corporate Offers fights for and obtains exclusive offers to retail stores, online shopping websites, Broadway shows, sporting events and other vacation and family getaway destinations. We then collate and package all of the best deals we get, ones that we would want to use ourselves, onto the site for all of our clientele to sift through on their leisure time away from work. To over 1 million employees, from many of the United State’s largest Fortune 500 companies, Corporateoffers.com is used as the primary source for exclusive company employee discounts.

Who Benefits from Using Corporate Offers

Our service is provided for no cost to corporations, as we are only paid by vendor producers after employees purchase a product or service using our exclusive Corporate Offers discount code or hot-link. With the distribution of our entertainment offers direct to corporate employees, it keeps our service free for companies while providing an employee-only benefit service. Corporate offers eliminates work for human resource professionals and benefit managers by finding and organizing all of the discount services ourselves. This allows HR workers to focus on the other aspects of their jobs. Our service also keeps the vendor's brands and products' values unchanged in the standard retail market by keeping the offers exclusive to corporate employees. Corporate Offers creates special discount offers for our clients, with no offer leakage.