About Corporate Offers

Corporate Offers is an employee benefit service that currently provides gated HR benefits to over 18 Million active employees in over 25,000 corporations.
Our clients are employees who work at large companies and other approved institutions and organizations across the United States. We currently deliver exclusive offers to live events, retail products and services to over 1 million employees every month to employees of America’s largest corporations. We do this without damaging the vendors original value in the primary retail market, keeps both vendors and clients happy. The gated site only allows current employees access and goes to great lengths to ensure that data is kept private and secure.

Our Mission at Corporate Offers

Our mission statement at Corporate Offers is to provide employees of our corporate clients the very best corporate discounts that we can possibly get for them and only offers that they could not get by themselves. There is nothing worse than bringing offers that are already generally available in the public domain on daily deal websites.

For us, it is all about the special offers that we get for our exclusive clients. From the HR perspective, our work also helps HR professionals who want to boost employee morale and connect their employees with top-quality discount offers. In short, when employees use our services, the company's HR department always appreciates what we deliver and we all succeed together.

Who Gets The Benefit Program From Corporate Offers?

We only provide offers to corporate employees from approved corporations and organizations.

What Are The Costs?

As we are paid by the offer producers, there is no cost to the employee or employer for our service. The direct distribution of our offers to client employees keeps our service free for employers.

What is Our Cost to Employees?

This is a free service to employees

What is Our Cost to Employers?

This is a free service to employers

What is Our Cost to Vendors?

Depending on the type of product and service, the commission costs start from 10%

How to Use Corporate Offers Services

There are many ways that you can use Corporate Offers at your company. Different types of employees use our service in different ways. Almost everyone takes advantage of Corporate Offers for their personal use (holidays, gift giving or just a night out) or to plan a unique office outing. Executives with a keen eye on their bottom line use our offers to entertain their clients with the best seats to the hottest events and the best holiday gifts. Sales teams can save money when purchasing tickets for sales incentives. Middle managers use Corporate Offers offers to purchase items to recognize their top employees.

More About Corporate Offers:

  • Located on Fifth Avenue in New York City - close to Madison Square Park and in full view of the world famous Flatiron building
  • Leading provider of rewards and loyalty programs to Fortune 500 companies and approved large institutions
  • Delivers exclusive offers, events and retail opportunities to over 1,000,000 employees of America's largest corporations
  • Privately funded NYC-based direct marketing firm with a great spirit and a progressive energy that produces results
  • Promotes entertainment events to a corporate audience
  • Entertainment Guides, which offer access and discounts to Broadway Shows, TV shows, sporting events, family entertainment, concerts and much more, to their clients
  • Provides a free employee benefit, but for only the employee while they are still an employee
  • Since 1995, we have been building a successful direct distribution model (business to business to employees) reaching America's largest corporations and delivering compelling offers to their employees
  • Provides targeted marketing services to over 500 name-brand merchants
  • Connects employees from large corporations with exclusive offers including: Broadway Shows, Off Broadway Shows, comedy clubs, studio tours, shopping discounts, mobile phone discounts, travel discounts, products and many other services