Who Makes the Best Offer Partners for Hard and Physical Goods

Corporate Offers provides hard-goods and physical item vendors with access to millions of employees across thousands of corporations. The individual employees are currently employed by large organizations and like to receive a special offer that is protected from the retail market.

Corporate Offers keeps the offer and the sales transaction private and only allows vendors to access the Corporate Offers client list.

Organizations That Make Great Offer Partners - Physical and Hard Goods

New Car Sales

There is a big market in the United States for new car sales. 85% of U.S. households own a car and over 60% of those are newer than five years old. 90% of luxury cars in the U.S. are bought on some sort of payment plan and buyers will often buy cars beyond their means to pay. Most new luxury cars are bought by people who make over six figure salaries, work full-time and have a family to support. This demographic is the sweet spot of the Corporate Offers client list and car manufacturers are waking up to the ability to offer discounts on car sales to these employees.

Rental Cars

To go along with hotels, theme parks and other vacation discounts, rental cars are the next big-ticket item for families who are going on an extended getaway. Renting a car for a lengthy period can be another unexpected expensive cost for many people, and having an exclusive corporate discount may entice them to decide to rent a vehicle for the duration of their vacation. It may also be logical for the rental car businesses to offer more discounts to corporate employees, to compete with other cheaper ride sharing options that are now taking over this market and are often encouraged by employers, because they are cheaper.

Tax Software

Most American’s have trouble filling their own taxes, whether it is because they are too complicated to do or because they simply do not have the time to do them. Tax software can help people file their taxes and corporate employees are always looking for ways to be more efficient with their time. Over 90% of working Americans do not file their own taxes and 100% of Corporate Offers clients are working Americans who need to file taxes. Offering a discount on the corporate service may make a huge difference in the number of people using a company's tax filing program and any reduction in single sales profit, will be more than made up for in the overall quantity sold.

Warehouse Clubs

Wholesale discount clubs like Sam's club, Costco, BJ’s or even Amazon Prime are warehouse clubs that offer cheaper prices to their members. They have bulk food, clothing and other household necessities at their stores both brick and mortar and online. Many of their members are full time working people who pay to be part of their exclusive club. Advertising their deals or offering exclusive discounts to Corporate Offers clients would be another way to increase foot and online website sales.

Newspaper Services

Many traditional media outlets, like newspapers, are looking to find a new sales footing as more content is being offered on online mediums and then are forced to keep pace. Physical news services are still favored by some people who are working in a corporate office setting and offering a group discount to companies and their employees is definitely a nice perk for both parties.

Mobile Phone Plans

Every working person, as well as multiple members of their families, now have their own mobile phone that has its own data, calling and texting plan. People are getting cell phones at a younger age than before because they are becoming more of a necessity in the technology advanced modern world. The greater majority, if not every member of Corporate Offers, has a mobile phone with a mobile plan, so discount offers for cell phones themselves or discount offers on their wireless plan’s are highly attractive.