Who Makes the Best Entertainment Offer Partners

Corporate Offers provides entertainment vendors with access to millions of employees across thousands of corporations. The individuals are currently employed by large organizations and are looking to get an exclusive offer or discount that they would not normally be able to get to through the standard retail market channels.

Much like the Costco model, Corporate Offers keeps the offer details and the sales transaction private and allows vendors to be able to access the Corporate Offers client list in order to connect the individual buyer and to their entertainment offer, in a mutually private transaction.

Types of Entertainment Organizations That Make Great Offer Partners

Broadway Shows

Sit-down Broadway shows that are based in NYC, regional shows and traveling Broadway shows all make great partners for Corporate Offers, as employees that comprise the Corporate Offers client list are very Broadway show friendly. Both plays and musicals are very popular and current and past vendors have included some of the top Broadway shows. Many shows are in NYC or can be on tour across various towns and cities across the U.S, as well as many international locations.

Sports Teams

Sports teams like to encourage ticket sales for games where there might be a reduced interest from fans. Baseball teams regularly have excess ticket inventory that they are looking to sell to fans and so do NFL football teams that always have preseason games that are often difficult to get fans excited about. Corporate Offers client members employees are often major sports fans and the MLB, NFL, NBA, NHL and MLS are all a perfect fit for this platform. For many working professionals, a sports outing is the perfect way to enjoy a day or night out, with or without the family. If the price is desirable then the buyer will be a happy and repeat customer.

Amusement Parks and Water Parks

Active working people with families are always looking for activities to do with their spouses and kids on the weekends and on their days off. Summer vacation time is also a popular time to get the kids out. Amusement parks and water parks can often be just what they are looking for, as they offer thrill rides for young (or young at heart) family members, shows and rides for little kids and lots of different dining options for all the family. Promotion of amusement parks, theme parks and water parks is critical to the success of any business strategy and Corporate Offers provides the perfect clientele. Many employees are looking for ways to enjoy their time with their families and friends and this partnership is a perfect solution.

Live Musical Concert Events

Attending a live concert, performed by somebody’s favorite artist, can be a once in a lifetime experience for many people. It can be a special time when a show’s schedule and ticket pricing lines up with an individual’s expectations. When the timing and cost works out and someone gets to go to a live concert, it can be a great experience as they are surrounded by many like-minded people who are dancing and singing along to their favorite songs. Not all concerts have excess tickets in their inventory but when they do, they can use discount services to help sell the last of the unsold tickets without damaging their brand.

Florida Theme Parks

There are many great family oriented amusement and water parks in the Orlando, Florida area. The majority of the Florida parks are designed for people of all ages to enjoy and some of them are specifically intended for families with very young children too. Florida theme parks are the perfect combination to be offered to Corporate Offers clients along with other discounts for family vacations that many professionals enjoy taking with their loved ones.

Las Vegas Shows

Some of the top performance shows in the world perform in Las Vegas, NV and even though most of our Corporate Offers clients do not work in the area, many of them do travel there for pleasure and for work purposes. Las Vegas shows usually perform eight times a week, just like Broadway, and often have extra seats that need to be filled. Selling them for a discount to corporate employees who plan to visit the city is often a common and a profitable option for these types of Las Vegas shows.


Luxury, discount, chain, standalone hotels and lodging options make great partners for Corporate Offers. Corporate customers are usually looking to book a well-priced hotel room both in advance and last minute to go along with their business trip or vacation, which makes them ideal customers for the discount hotel room market. If hotels have excess room inventory, then the Corporate Offers model can offer a solution to both parties. Corporate clients are also occasionally in the position where they need to book hotel rooms in bulk and are looking to find hotel discounts that align with their specific needs.

Movie Tickets

Going out to see a movie on the big screen is not as common as it used to be with big name streaming services beginning to take over this entertainment space. That being said, the silver screen business model is not yet completely dead and is still the primary medium for new movies to premiere at. A new movie must show at a movie theatre for at least 30 days to be eligible for an Oscar nomination. Theatres can offer discounts to their movies for corporate employees to sell any excess seat inventory that they might have.

Comedy Events

Comedy shows are often a good time, especially when going to them with a large group. The comedians are usually pretty good and if they are not, watching the comedian bomb live on stage can be just as entertaining to watch. Evenings that involve going to a comedy show usually turn into a fun night of drinking and shenanigans while building corporate camaraderie. While it may be strange to go to a comedy show with the people from the office, especially the boss, going to a comedy show may be a lively way to loosen up a bit with some of the office co-workers and build a rapport between staff that will help in office dynamics.

Telephone, Cable and Internet Service Providers

Having a speedy internet connection at home is becoming a necessity to most people, and although most Americans already have cable TV or a landline telephone, the landscape of new media entertainment is changing with streaming and online gaming. Most Corporate Offers clients usually have one of these, if not all of these services in their homes already. They probably also all agree that they pay too much for the services. ISP, cable and telephone companies who provide discounts through Corporate Offers service will often see a rapid increase in their customer base at little or not cost to their retail client base.